President Address

Hong Kong Community Network Limited(HKCN)was established in 2010,which is an non-profit social service organization(91/10503).The organization is committed to provide integrated social services for the ethnic minorities and their families to assist them in developing potential and productivity, to promote their integration into Hong Kong society.

We care about education, employment difficulties of ethnic minorities, Chinese is their language barrier, because of language problems. Ethnic minorities has been facing education, employment difficulties and difficult to integrate into the community in Hong Kong. The greatest difficulty they encounter is not be able to catch up Chinese the level of mainstream schools. So we hold Chinese language class and organize Cantonese competition for ethnic minorities, helping them to study Chinese to increase the opportunities and abilities for ethnic minorities to integrate into Hong Kong society.

We cooperate with different organizations, for example, ethnic minorities groups, religious groups, regional group, non-government organizations, schools and government branch to develop different services for the ethnic minorities such as “Let’s Build Our Hong Kong Dream”, “Poon Choi Feast with Love”. So they can learn more about the community and expand the social network to promote integration of community.

In addition, the potential of ethnic minorities is also part of power of community, especially the young ethnic minorities who can speak fluent Cantonese, English, Urdu, Hindi, and even be able to speak Mandarin and write Chinese. We have set up a volunteer group to give them the opportunity to try to organize activities and work as a translator so they can develop their potential.

“Responsibility”, “Equality”, “Integration” and “Innovation” are the core values of Hong Kong Community Network to serve ethnic minorities friends.