Women Club – Belly dance class

Teaching a number of regular courses of different levels, training muscle strength and softness, and musical sense to enhance the quality of dance performance.
Time: Beginner Class-Every Monday 10: 30-12: 00 / Intermediate Class-Every Thursday 19:00 · 20:30

Women Club – Yoga class

Through yoga poses and breathing, adjust women’s body functions to absorb nutrients. Promote blood circulation, improve body flexibility, prevent bone loss and maintain youthful vitality.
Stress Relief Yoga Class-Every Monday 19:00-20:30
Healing Yoga Class-Every Tuesday 10:40 12: 10
Weight Loss Yoga Class-Every Tuesday 19:00-20: 30

Women Club – Popular song singing course

Suitable for adults who want to learn to sing, learn vocal music and improve their singing skills. The training of singing skills will help trainees to improve their singing skills.
Time: Every Monday 14:30-16:00

Women Club – Elegant cheongsam catwalk class

Carry forward the traditional culture of the Chinese nation.. Through the study of cheongsam catwalks, display and learn cheongsam culture, improve women’s comprehensive quality and cultural accomplishment and enhance the temperament image.
Time: Every Tuesday 9: 10-10:40

Women Club – Makeup class

To teach makeup beginners the basic skin care and skin analysis of different skin types, the application skills of choosing cosmetics and tools, and the makeup skills of different occasions to make the members’ makeup skills more perfect.
Time: Every Wednesday 10:30-11:30

Women Club – Guzheng Class

It is suitable for people of all ages who are interested in the art of Guzheng. With simple and easy-to-learn textbooks and relaxed teaching methods, students can learn more carefully after they develop an interest in musical instruments. The content of the course includes learning the basic fingering techniques of guzheng and the playing methods of left and right hands.
Time: Every Wednesday 12:40-14: 10 / Every Saturday 15:40-17: 10

Women Club – Guitar class

It is mainly designed for those who have not learned how to play guitar. The course teaches the simple skills of playing guitar.
Time: Every Monday 12: 50-14:00

Elderly Club – Elderly Love Canteen

Open every Tuesday to Friday at 12:30 noon in the center, free reception area for 50 seniors over 65

Elderly Club – Elderly Group Dance

Designed for all senior members, no need for any group dance foundation, exercise from dancing, exercise muscles and bones, and help build a network of people.
Time: Every Thursday 10: 30-12: 00

Elderly Club – Elderly Keyboard Singing Class

Teaching popular music and vocal singing skills with electronic piano accompaniment. Broaden the life circle and the fun of learning music for the elderly.
Time: Every Thursday 14:00-15: 30
Location: Link Centre